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Welcome to Fampack! If you are tired of your Insta and FB feed of unlimited useless contents, check this app out. This app is created for close friends only. Each user can only add a handful of friends. So make sure you only add the people you cherish most in life, or as we like to call them - Fams. However, apparently if you want to get closer to a person this app is the perfect tool to do so too, by adding them u show them u consider them a close friend without needing to say it! Fam: ones that you can trust dearly, someone you consider family. Pack: from the term Wolfpack, meaning a group. Combine them together and there you have it, our name. Fampack: a group of people who you cherish the most in life. Everything you post can only be seen by them, vice versa. In this age of limitless online contents, Fampack hopes to filter out the contents that does not help you foster and strengthen friendship. Our goal is to create the best platform and environment online for socialising. Hope you enjoy using Fampack. We do value your feedback very much. Please contact us via: fampack.net@gmail.com. Cheers!

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